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Low Temperature Lithium Battery

1. Low Temperature Battery Definition

Low temperature lithium batteries are mainly targeted at special work environment from -20°C to 40°C, meanwhile can withstand a certain range of high

2. Low Temperature Battery Classification

According to Different Applications: military low temperature lithium battery, industrial low temperature lithium battery.

According to Different Work Environments

.Civil use low temperature battery: In -20℃, 0.2C discharge takes above 90% rated capacity. In -30℃, 0.2C discharge takes above 85% rated capacity.

.Special low temperature battery: In -40℃, 0.2C discharge takes above 80% rated capacity.

.Extreme environment low temperature battery: In -50℃,0.2C discharge takes above 50% rated capacity.

3. Low Temperature Battery Application

Low temperature lithium batteries are divided into capacity and high rate low temperature battery.

Low temperature capacity lithium batteries are widely used in military tablet PC, paratrooper device, military GPS, UAV back-up starter power, special vehicle power, satellite signal reception device, ocean data monitor equipment, atmosphere data monitor equipment , outdoor video recognition device , oil exploration inspection equipment , railway monitor equipment , power grid outdoor monitor equipment , military warm shoes and jump starter .

Low temperature high rate lithium batteries are widely applied in infrared ray laser equipment, acoustics armed police equipment, and highlight armed police equipment.

4. Compare Large Low Temperature Battery with Common Battery

Items Rating Value Remark
Model 724345 754242
Formula C08/A03 C05/A01
Voltage 3.8V 3.8V
Charge voltage E09 E02
Electrolyte E09 E02
Normal temperature
0.5C Discharge capacity
1649mAh 1784mAh
- 30℃ 0.3C Discharge capacity 1300mAh 283mAh
Discharge rate 78.8% 15.8%
Low temperature time 150 mins 32min
Charge Normal temperature charge Normal temperature charge
Discharge Support low temperature
Normal temperature

5. Custom Solution of Low Temperature 18650 Lithium Battery

Battery Cell Design Request

. 18650 standard design

. Applying environmental temperature :-40 to 60 degree

. Built-in PTC overcurrent protection

. Built-in safety vent

. Cycle life : 500time , the capacity no less than 70%

. 2200mAh 3.6V , capacity 2200mAh

. Using LNCMO lithium system as the main material

Battery Cell Design Request

.Electrochemistry: Positive electrodes use doping coated metal and metal oxide, which improve positive electrodes electronic conductivity and ion conductivity. Negative use oxidized graphene doping coated metal, which could improve negative material floor structure and increase negative electrodes conductivity.Diaphragm uses three dimensional micro-Nano structures which improve heat shrinkage temperature and battery safety .Meanwhile, it also have good liquid absorbability which improve battery use life. Electrolyte uses super low temperature electrolyte, which improve electrolyte conductivity under low temperature.

.Mechanical design: Use standard 18650 cylindrical cases, built-in safety vent.

Reliability Test Verification

Batteries performance tests accord with GB/T 31241-2014(Safety request of Portable electronic products batteries and battery packs) design standard, safety and reliability accords with UL 1642 lithium battery safety standard.

6. Low Temperature Lithium Battery Used In Action Camera

. Battery model: 103450-2S1P

. Nominal voltage: 7.4V

. Nominal capacity: 1800mAh

. Charge temperature: 0℃ ~+45℃

. Discharge temperature : -40℃~+60℃

. Low temperature performance: Keep full power status and place 16H in -40℃ , 0.2C capacity retention ratio ≥80%

Low Temperature Li Polymer Battery Used in Freezer Control System

Battery model: PL903563-1S2P .

Nominal voltage: 3.7V .

Nominal capacity: 4200mAh .

Charge temperature : 0℃ ~+45℃ .

Discharge temperature : -40℃~+60℃ .

Low temperature performance: Keep full power status and place 16H in -40℃ , .

0.2C capacity retention ratio ≥75% .

Low Temperature Lithium Battery Used In Outdoor Control System

. Battery model: 18650-4S1P

. Nominal voltage: 14.8V

. Nominal capacity: 2200mAh

. Charge temperature : 0℃ ~+45℃

. Discharge temperature : -40℃~+60℃

. Low temperature performance: Keep full power status and place 8Hin -40℃ , 0.2C capacity retention ratio ≥75%